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Spray tanning

 SPRAY TANNING  $45  full body

The beauty of a sun-kissed glow should never be achieved at the sacrifice of healthy skin.


**Appointment for the spray tan takes 15 minutes (10 minute spray, 5 minute drying time)

How long will a spray tan last?

The tan typically lasts 5 to 7 days (or up to 10 days when using Aviva Labs Tan-Extending Skincare products). The faster your skin cells turn over and shed from your body, the faster the sunless tan fades. The tan created by the DHA affects only the top layer of the skin and will begin to fade after 4 to 5 days as the skin naturally begins to shed. To get the longest life from a spray tan, it is crucial to exfoliate prior to the spray tan application and to moisturize daily after the application. 

newburyport salon How should I prepare for my spray tan?

Exfoliation prior to having a spray tan is vital, as it means you are removing all the loose dead skin cells so the DHA will adhere to your skin better and the tan will then also last longer. This also reduces the likelihood of a tan becoming patchy as it fades due to the fact you are starting with an even surface. Unfortunately, many exfoliators contain moisturizers or oils that act as a barrier and prevent the DHA from adhering to your skin. It is important that you use an exfoliator that has been specifically designed for use in the sunless tanning process.

newburyport salon Post Tanning Instructions

Do not shower until after 8 hours from the time they are sprayed. Use Aviva’s Rapid Solutions to shower faster. When using Aviva Inspires Express Tan your client may shower after 4 hours for a light tan, 5 hours for a medium tan or 6 hours for a dark tan. When using Aviva’s City Tan Collection, your client may shower after 30 minutes for a light tan, 60 minutes for a medium tan or 90 minutes for a dark tan. Because a DHA tan takes 8 hours to completely develop, you should educate your clients that no matter how

Shower with only water for the first shower after a spray tan. This may sound “yucky” to you but it will prevent them from removing any of their spray tan prematurely. They can use a washcloth daily but using a loofah will scrub off the tan.

Moisturize daily after a spray tan. Moisturizing the skin extends the tan up to 3 days because it slows down the skin’s shedding process.

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